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Meet our Team -Stephanie

Stephanie is a Nurse Practitioner  & specializes in the areas of Addictions & Mental Health,  Women's Health including Weight Management & Weight Loss, as well as Psychiatric Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment for a number of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder & addictions in adults.  

Stephanie Skopyk

Stephanie is a Nurse Practitioner, specializing in mental health and addictions for the past 15 years.   She holds a Masters in Nursing and Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate.


Throughout her career, she has worked in pediatrics, long-term care, public health, corrections, remote Northern settings and most recently has been involved in designing programs and services that aim to reduce barriers to care for patients in Ontario.  She is available to investigate, diagnose and support an individualized treatment plan to manage mental health and problematic substance use conditions.


Stephanie has spent a number of years working with marginalized populations, with a focus on front line mental health, primary care & addictions treatment.  She has been an integral part of developing primary care hubs for the homeless population in Ontario.  She is compassionate, dedicated, knowledgeable & practices from a strength based & harm reduction model.   







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