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Psychiatric Services

Our team of Nurse Practitioners strive to connect with and support our clients at every step of their mental health journey. 

NPs possess the advanced skills and knowledge to complete comprehensive psychiatric assessments, diagnose and treat a variety of mental health conditions. 

We offer a FREE 20 minute phone consultation session to ensure we are the best fit to meet your individualized needs

Shelly Munro & Michelle Hermans, Nurse Practitioners

Services Offered

  • Complete psychiatric assessment & diagnosis of variety of mental health conditions anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and more. 

  • Complete assessment, diagnosis & prescribing of medications to identify & treat ADHD in adults & children

  • Prescribing of medications to manage symptoms of mental illness such as antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti psychotics, etc.

  • Combined counselling along with medication management, eliminating the need for clients to see both a Psychiatrist and Counsellor 

  • Detailed psychiatric reports are available upon request

Our Services

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