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Child Psychiatry Services

'I can achieve starts with I believe'

 Our clinic aims to provide client centered, supportive and inclusive care to families and children diagnosed with Autism who also struggle with mental health conditions.   

Our Nurse Practitioners can assess, diagnose and treat mental health conditions in children living with Autism.

Our Child Therapist offers support to both families/care givers as well as children.  We offer in person play therapy, family counselling, ****. , 

If you are looking for psychiatric assessment, diagnosis and medication treatment, contact our Nurse Practitioner Michelle to set up a phone consultation. 

If you are looking for counselling and support please contact our Child Therapist to set up an consultation. 

Our Child Psychiatry Services


Assessment & Treatment of Mental Health Conditions in people living with Autism

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) have the ability to prescribe & manage HRT (including puberty blockers) to support clients through their gender  journey and medical transition. 


Counselling & Support for parents & caregivers 

Our NPs can support clients with education and referrals related to gender affirming surgery.  We will advocate and work along side clients throughout the process.  


Play therapy, counselling for Children living with Mental Health Conditions & Autism

Our NPs are also Psychotherapists and have the experience and knowledge to support clients throughout their gender journey in an affirming and respectful way.  

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