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ADHD Services

Our team of Nurse Practitioners & Therapists offer wrap around support to clients of all ages living with ADHD. 

Whether you are a parent with questions or are looking for an assessment for your child, or an adult wondering if the symptoms you present with could be due to ADHD, our team is here to help. 

Our NPs possess the advanced skills and knowledge to assess for, diagnose & prescribe medications to manage ADHD in both adults & children. 

Our Therapists specialize in supporting children, parents and adults in managing their symptoms as well as finding coping skills and tools to enable them to reach their highest level of function. 

We offer a FREE 20 minute phone consultation session to ensure we are the best fit to meet your individualized needs.

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Services Offered

  • Our team will complete a full psychiatric assessment, which includes diagnosis of any mood/mental health conditions as well as ADHD.  

  • Prescribing of medications to manage symptoms of mental illness such as antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti psychotics, stimulant/non stimulant options for ADHD. 

  • Counselling to support our clients in developing tools to manage their symptoms of ADHD & other life challenges - We have both adult as well as child therapists who have specialized training & experience in working with individuals with ADHD.  

  • Detailed psychiatric reports are available upon request. 

Our Services

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