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Primary Care Services Offered

Our team of Nurse Practitioners offer a variety of primary care services.  

If you are in need of a service that is not on this list, please contact our office to discuss how we can meet your needs.

Episodic Services | $45 

Acne treatment

Athletes foot

Eye, ear, sinus, throat, urinary, and skin infections

Medication injections

Prescription refills  

Skin rashes

Episodic Services | $90            

Joint injury (assessment & testing e.g. xray/ultrasound referral

Specialist referrals (physiotherapy, massage, chiropody, etc)

Sexual Health | $45

Wellness Visit |$105

Focused Exams based on your needs/presenting issues

Pelvis Exams, Pap Testing

Weight loss support including management of obesity using

medications such as semaglutide when appropriate.

Birth control counselling and prescriptions

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) testing and treatment

Medical Procedures 

Medical Forms  

Ear flushing   | $50

Minor wound care  | $35

Suture removal  |$35

Urinary catheter or drain removal | $25

Wart treatments  |$20 per lesion 

Lab Testing  |$25

Drivers Medical (physical, blood work, urine testing)  |$120

OHIP Forms  |  $120-$250

ODSP Forms |  Contact our office to discuss further

School or Workplace Accommodation form  | $90

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