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Womens Health Services

'a healthy outside starts from the inside'

 Our clinic aims to provide a safe, confidential and inclusive space for all using a holistic and compassionate approach. Our Nurse Practitioner (NP), Michelle, has extensive training and experience in providing tailored women's health care including, but not limited to; bioidentical &  hormone replacement therapy, nutrition & lifestyle coaching to women's of all ages, including those experiencing peri/menopause. 

Michelle can be contacted directly at

Our Services


Cancer Screening

Our clinic offers cancer screening options such as pap testing & referral for mammograms'.

From referral to follow up & counselling our NPs provide comprehensive care. 


Bio-Identical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are a natural and personalized approach to  addressing hormonal imbalances with a focus on safety and efficacy. 

They can be used to treat a variety of conditions such as peri/menopause, depression, elevated cholesterol & blood sugar, sleep disorders, inflammation & cancer prevention. 


Peri/Menopasual support

Our NPs offer tailored & customized treatment to support women of all ages. 

Our approach may include the use of bioidentical hormones, monitoring, diet & lifestyle coaching & more.


Sexually Transmitted Infections

Our clinic provides testing and treatment for a variety of sexually transmitted infections.  


Birth Control 

Our NPs offer screening, education & prescribing of many types of birth control options, including IUD insertion.  

About Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are compounds that have the same molecular structure as the hormones naturally produced by the human body. These hormones are typically derived from natural sources, such as soy or yam plants, and are then synthesized to be identical to the hormones that our bodies produce. Unlike synthetic hormones, which are not structurally identical to the bodyss own hormones, bioidentical hormones are considered a more natural and personalized approach to HRT.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones

1. Personalized Treatment: One of the most significant advantages of bioidentical hormones is their customized nature.Our Nurse Practitioners can assess a womans unique hormonal needs and prescribe a treatment plan tailored to herindividual requirements.


2. Reduced Side Effects: Bioidentical hormones are believed to have fewer side effects when compared to synthetichormones, largely because they mimic the bodys natural hormones.

3. Improved Quality of Life: By restoring hormonal balance, bioidentical hormones can enhance a woman's quality oflife, helping her feel more energetic, mentally sharp, and emotionally stable.

4. Symptom Relief: Bioidentical hormone therapy can effectively alleviate a range of menopausal symptoms:

  • Helps restore normal sleep patterns

  • Provides balanced state for healthy fat-burning due to increased lean muscle mass

  • May increases stamina, energy and endurance

  • May help protect against Fibrocystic Breasts

  • May help reduce endometrial and breast cancer

  • May help with Depression

  • Helps improve blood flow

  • May help decrease inflammation and joint pain

  • May help improve skin elasticity

  • May help normalize blood sugar levels

  • Supports immune function

  • May help increase productivity and creativity in personal life

  • Helps restore optimal hormonal balance to the body

  • Menopause symptoms may go away

  • Helps restore bone density and reduce the risk of Osteoporosis

  • Reduces vaginal dryness

  • Helps eliminate hot flashes

  • May help improve sleep patterns

  • May help reduce the risk of heart disease

  • Supports muscle strength and maintenance

  • May help improve memory and concentration

  • May help slow down the aging process overall

  • May help improve healthy cholesterol levels

  • May help enhance sex drive and libido

  • Can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s

  • Helps reduce night sweats

Bioidentical hormones for women represent a natural and personalized approach to hormone replacement therapy,addressing hormonal imbalances with a focus on safety and efficacy. By offering hormone assessment, customizedtreatment plans, ongoing monitoring, education, and support, this service empowers women to take charge of theirhealth and well-being, ultimately improving their quality of life during transitional stages like menopause. Women canenjoy the benefits of symptom relief, reduced side effects, and a renewed sense of vitality, making bioidentical hormonetherapy a compelling option for those seeking a holistic approach to hormonal balance.

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